Courses in the Media Department

Radio Production

If you intend to be a radio presenter, production manager, radio producer, DJ or station manager; this is your course.

TV & Film Production

Get professional training in the technical production of television programmes and how to produce movies and films. This entails recording, editing, voice overs, effects, vision mixing and many other aspects of TV.

Sound Engineering

Be able to engineer sound in different settings, thus in the studio, halls, open air, online and on mobile devices. 


Let's train you how to use a camera in different settings. This include shooting still photos, motion pictures, and videos.

Video Editing

Get the latest technological training in using modern Video Editing Software. 

Graphics Design

In this course you will learn how to use graphics in designing various products. These include Web design, Flyers, Invitation cards, Posters, Newsletters & Magazines.


This involves news reporting, news writing, researching and editing. 

Music Composition & Performance

You will be taught Keyboard/ Piano skills and how to compose & produce music using live instruments as well as digital music on the computer.

Digital Marketing

We teach you all the skills required in digital marketing and how to use social media as tool for marketing products and services.